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We can often receive more disapproving glances while on the road compared to other places. That’s why it’s crucial to keep an evil eye car charm with you during your journeys while being outside home, as it serves as protection against any negative intentions you may encounter. Even if nobody harbors any harmful thoughts towards you, it still adds a decorative touch to your vehicle.

A Nazar Dosh Nivaran yantra combined with an evil eye wall hanging is designed to enhance financial prosperity and attract positive energy. This decorative item is not only suitable for home, office, shop, and car decor but also serves as an ideal gift for various occasions.Believed to ward off the effects of evil eye and bring luck in money matters, the surya amulet symbolizes financial gains wherever it is placed.

Additionally, the evil eye element helps in negating any negative energies and promoting a positive environment.Energized and properly channelized, this product is meant to enhance financial prosperity, health, and overall well-being. Its placement is crucial for maximum efficacy – in offices and shops, it is recommended to hang it in the South or South-West direction, while in homes, the North or North-east direction is ideal.

In today’s world, where people often face challenges related to the evil eye and financial problems, this product offers a solution worth trying. Embrace this decorative piece to experience its transformative effects and usher in positivity and abundance into your life.

This colourful and cute Evil Eye protection is a vedic and ancient cure for warding off the evil eye. Used as a wall hanging or in vehicles, it provides total protection against evil influences and ensures longevity of its owners. A unique and noble gift item for those whome you love and care for.


  • This Vedic evil eye hanging is made from copper material.
  • Features flawless finish and very beautiful.
  • This sun amulet is the most common form of cure to ward off evil eye.
  • Used as a wall / door hanging or in car as rear view mirror lucky hanging decoration accessories.
  • Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.

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