Kali Kavach (an ultimate protection yantra)

This Kali Kavach is very auspicious kavach form and ultimate protection . It is blessing of goddess Kali and its bliss in life to all of us. As name mention Kali is mother goddess and its furious and fearful . Kali Suraksha kavach saves us from all negative energy and demonic personality and other life threatening incidents. Its main protection from ill effect of negative and malefic plants , evil energy , evil eyes and all kind of black magic , Curse . Kali kavach is ultimate and effective Kavach for protection.

As its bearer of kali kavach in its surrounding of home or office work place build magnetic aura and vibration near by which divert all kind of evil energy and generate its energy in positive form and good aura and positive vibration flow in environment.

Kali is the first Maa Shakti and also consider as the Divine Mother of the Universe, and its energy flow in Kali Kavach.Kali kavach is form of divine protector

Kali Kavach & its benefits:

  • Kali Kavach gives its bearer inner happiness and peace and keep
  • away evil energy
  • It control and reverse the ill-effects of the malefic period of Saturn.
  • Kali Kavach yantra make our surrounding peaceful and prosperous and
  • wealthy and harmony to remain in life.
  • It protect us from all evil demonic power and curse
  • Kali kavach make positivity to remain in life & the darkness goes
  • away.
  • Kali Kavach protects from black magic and negative intention of
  • people.
  • Kali Kavach gives peace of mind and keeps away all the evil from
  • your life and makes you healthy, wealthy and prosperous.
  • Kali kavach provide you ultimate safety and healthy peace harmony .

Maha Kali Mool Mantra :

Om Sri Maha Kalikayai Namah

Meaning : I bow my head to the Highest power dark goddess Mother, Kali or I salute the Divine Mother, Kali.


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