Sriyantra for fortune and adundance:

This is the Crystal Shree Yantra, a powerful tool for drawing in good fortune and joy. The Shri Yantra plays a significant role in preserving both health and prosperity. Compact, portable, and user-friendly, this yantra can easily be carried with you to your workplace and during worship for enhanced benefits.

The solution to all the troubles and negativities: Shree yantra are used for gaining peace of mind, wealth and prosperity. It provides us with positive energy which protects us from any kind of negative energy around us.

For achieving deep meditation and knowledge: Prosperity, mental peace, happiness, and harmony at home and workplace. It harnesses the various energies present around us. It brings good luck to your surroundings. The shree yantra is more suited to those whose predominant yearning is for aesthetic pleasure. The energy of this yantra can be used to connect with and enliven the aesthetic nature of mind.

Unique Gift for New Business Setup:
This serves as a devotional gift suitable for fostering business growth, achieving success, and launching new ventures. It stands as an excellent gift idea for entrepreneurs, providing inspiration and positive energy for their endeavors.

This Yantra increases sales, turnover and profits in business or profession, and blesses the owner or holder of this Yantra with success, progress and prosperity in work & career.

By keeping and worshipping Vayapar Vridhi Yantra, a person who has his own office, shop, or a showroom, will benefit from his business and there shall be an increase in sales.

It bestows wealth and happiness. This Yantra not only brings benefit results to business people but also to those who are in service/jobs.

It blesses the worshipper with achievement of objectives, accomplishment of targets, and overall success in ventures.


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