House Protection Amulets – Protect House Evil Spirits – Charms Ward off Evil

EVIL EYE WALL HANGING : This Evil Eye, often represented by a blue eye-shaped amulet, is believed in many cultures to offer protection against negative energies and harm caused by envious or jealous glances. Displaying an Evil Eye Hanging near the entrance of your home or office serves to ward off these negative influences, creating […]


Our Captivating Vashikaran Magnetism Yantra is a potent talisman crafted to magnetize love, romance, and harmonious connections into your life. This charm is tailored to elevate your charisma and charm, effortlessly drawing others towards you and enriching your relationships. With sacred Vedic symbols etched onto this vashikaran yantra, it is believed to possess qualities that […]

Red Aventurine Bracelet – Chakra Healing Bracelet

Red Aventurine Bracelet

Metaphysical Properties: Benefits: Material :Natural Healing Red Aventurine Stones | SPECIFICATION : Stretchable Elastic Red Aventurine Bracelet CHARGES : To enquire more as regards charges kindly email your details at

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